Looking for New Mozarts

Inevitably, at some party or another, that guy who has been hanging out all night near the wine bar starts asking: “So where are all the Mozarts today?” When approached by such a partygoer, my advice is to smile and walk away as graciously as you can without answering. Anything you might say will only lead to a lengthy conversation about the 18th Century, the genetic randomness of musical ability, and heaven knows what else. But, yes…Mozarts walk among us.

History has loved to throw stones at Leopold Mozart for trouping Wolfgang and his sister around Europe as children–but nothing really has changed in 250 years. On one hand, we look askance at parents who take advantage when prodigious musical talent shows up in a child. But on the other hand, how many parents would ignore and discourage it? Especially, when there is financial gain and  the promise of a major career.

Case in point is one Emily Bear. (Thanks to fellow blogger Katy Gawne for reminding me of this young lady.) Emily is now eight years old and has been playing piano and writing songs since she was five. Like Mozart, she is precocious in social ability as well as musical ability–she appears regularly on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, has recorded CDs, and has her own website. Judge for yourself.


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