Off-Topic: Knoxville Elects Madeleine Rogero as Mayor

Forgive me one off-topic post, but I am feeling quite optimistic following this week’s election events. In this Tuesday’s Knoxville non-partisan elections, an unabashed progressive, Madeleine Rogero, was elected Mayor over her opponent, Mark Padgett, by a margin of 17.5 points. Ms. Rogero is the first woman to be elected Knoxville Mayor. The mayoral office is currently held by Daniel T. Brown, who was selected as Interim Mayor by City Council following the election of Bill Haslam as Tennessee governor. (Mayor Brown also now has a place in history as Knoxville’s first African-American mayor.)

Knoxville already has a vibrant and extremely diverse music scene, so will the election have any effect on that? It couldn’t hurt.


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