Most Popular Posts in 2011

It was quite a fortuitous accident that I chanced upon the posts that turned out to be the “most read” on Classical Journal in 2011.

Last January, I attended my local district auditions for the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions with the simple—but I think important—intent to publicize and support those singers, both winners and non-winners in this blog and in Metro Pulse. In following up on regional competitions, I discovered that the level of local organization varies wildly from district to district, and region to region. Some areas have websites, but most don’t. Some make real efforts to publish the winners’ names in the media—but more often than not, searches for the information proved futile. Some district or regional contacts responded to my emails, but, strangely, most did not. It became a real source of irritation that perhaps the most visible manifestation of local opera enthusiasm, the Met National Council Auditions, was not getting the publicity prior to the semi-finals and finals in New York. So, I set about to merely list winners, and in the case locally, district participants in blog posts. That series of informational posts turned out to be the most popular of the year–I think that is evidence that there are opera fans everywhere hungry for information about what is going on.

The most popular of 2011 posts on Classical Journal were:


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