2012 Stats: Rachmaninoff Beats Opera

Traditionally in this blog, articles on subjects operatic have been the most popular in terms of visitors and page views. In 2012, however, interest in Sergei Rachmaninoff–and specifically, his last public performance before his death–won out over the admittedly matter-of-fact news of audition winners or the Met’s HD schedule.

Rachmaninoff’s Last Performance” from 2010 was the most viewed article last year, with a report of trombonist Jeremy Wilson leaving the Vienna Philharmonic for a teaching position at the Blair School of Music in Nashville coming in fifth. Opera readers are tenacious, though, continuing to look at an 2009 article on soprano Rachele Gilmore and her Knoxville and Met performances in substantial numbers.

As far as Rachmaninoff goes, the upcoming February 17th marks the 70th anniversary of the Russian composer/pianist’s last public performance. Readers are reminded that a concert honoring the occasion has been organized for that date in the same venue where Rachmaninoff played in 1943.


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