KSO’s ‘Concertmaster Series’ Ends First Season

Without doubt, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s “Concertmaster Series,” a chamber music series programmed and performed by KSO concertmaster Gabriel Lefkowitz and colleagues, has changed a lot of things for Knoxville’s music scene. I reviewed the last of this season’s concerts with an eye and ear for what this will mean for the long term. Read it here.


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One response to “KSO’s ‘Concertmaster Series’ Ends First Season

  1. Leah

    While in full agreement with everything good said about this series of concerts, I have to voice a concern about the performance space and its important feature–the seats. The chairs in the backroom of the coffee house are absolutely, terrifyingly, sciatica-attack-inducingly AWFUL! I know of several subscribers who are seriously rethinking their commitment to the next season’s series attendance because of extreme discomfort. Does anyone have any ideas how this situation at Remedy Coffee House can be “remedied”?