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Confessions of a Bachophile: Wood and Wind

Michael Lawrence, director of the film Bach and Friends, brought this video to my attention.

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“Bach and Friends” Completed and Available

In a post last fall, I mentioned the documentary, Bach and Friends, by filmmaker Michael Lawrence. The film has been completed and is now available on DVD. The film contains commentary and performances by a vast number of artists from different musical genres on the effect Bach has had on their musical lives. Among the musicians appearing in the film are Joshua Bell, Hillary Hahn, Philip Glass, Edgar Meyer, Richard Stoltzman, Bela Fleck, and Peter Schickele, to name a few.

A second DVD in the set has complete performances including Joshua Bell’s only recorded performance of the Chaconne.

Check this blog for a review of documentary in the near future.

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The Bach Project Nears Completion

If you are a fan of J.S. Bach, as I am, and haven’t heard about The Bach Project, you owe it to yourself to keep reading.

For several years, Baltimore filmmaker Michael Lawrence has been working on a documentary film centered on the perspectives of contemporary musicians, scientists, and writers on the music of Bach and its place in their musical lives.  The film, now titled Bach and Friends, is scheduled for a DVD release in January.  The film contains interviews and performances from a veritable Who’s Who of today’s music world:  Bobby McFerrin, violinist Joshua Bell, clarinetist Richard Stoltzman, the Emerson String Quartet, mandolinist Chris Thile, Béla Fleck, Philip Glass and Wendy Sutter, Peter Schickele, bassist Edgar Meyer, violinist Hillary Hahn, music critic Tim Page … and many more.

The Bach Project was originally launched at the EG’07 (Entertainment Gathering) and Bach and Friends returns to the January 2010 event to celebrate its completion.  That EG will be held in Monterey, January 21-23, 2010.

My own excitement is building for the January release of the DVD of the documentary.   Lawrence has indicated that the set will include a second “Bonus DVD” with music-only, complete performances which will run about an hour and a half.

Numerous video clips from the film have been posted on YouTube.  The latest is violinist Hillary Hahn speaking about Bach and performing the Grave from the Violin Sonata No. 2, BWV 1003.  Click here to view this clip. All of the clips are really intriguing, but check out Chris ThileEdgar Meyer, or Philip Glass/Wendy Sutter.

When the Bach and Friends DVD actually releases in January, I’ll post information here on how to obtain it.

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